Workplace Stress


Stress has been defined in the different ways by different people over the past few years. In general, it can be said that stress is an interaction between the situation and individual. There are many reasons for a person to be stressed in a workplace easily. Low salaries, Excessive workloads, only a few opportunities for the growth, lack of social support, not having enough control over the job-related decisions, conflicting demands etc are the major sources of work stress. There are many techniques to overcome the stress such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and mindfulness etc. Mindfulness is nothing but a state in which the folks can observe the thoughts without any judgment. Trusted friends, colleagues and the family member help to manage the stress. It is better to consult a psychologist who helps to manage the stress and at the same time to change the unhealthy behavior. Today’s world is digitalized and so the folks can establish the work-life boundaries in order to come out of the stress easily. These boundaries automatically can reduce the potential for the stress and work-life conflict. Exercise and yoga are the excellent choices for the stress buster; on the other side of the coin, any form of the physical activity is a beneficial one.